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Results of the inaugral TTXGP race in 2009 on the Isle of Man.

Eleven teams from six different countries, including the USA, India, Germany, Austria, UK and the Isle of Man took part in the race. The TTXGP Race ran in two classes an OPEN class and a PRO class while both classes had to comform to the same regulations the Open Class was only open to machines that could be sold following the race for £20,000 (c.$31,000, €23,000)

BEST BUY PRO class[]

Pilot Country Team Country Time av.speed mph av.speed kmph
Rob Barber UK Team Agni UK/IN 25:53:00 87.43 140.71
Thomas Schoenfelder DE XXL Racing DE 29:04:00 77.84 125.27
MarkBuckley UK Brammo USA 30:03:04 75.35 121.26
Thomas Montano US Mission Motors USA 30:33:26 74.09 119.23
Paul Dobbs NZ HT Blauva DE 62.58 100.7
Stephen Harper UK Brunel X-team UK 40.09 64.52