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There are many good opportunities to find sponsors for TTXGP racing teams - although the value to sponsors is clearly dependent on getting media coverage of the races there are other ideas for joint promotions that might interest potential sponsors. Of course some sectors of industry are more likely to be interested in sponsoring a TTXGP team than others.

Winning sponsorship takes time and energy. You cannot start too soon. The process is broadly divided into four different stages:

1) Desk research 2) Telephone calls 3) Written Proposals 4) Face to face negotiations

Then you have to deliver, monitor and ensure that your sponsors are kept happy.

We have started a list of potenial sponsors that should give you somewhere to start your desk research. You can also find a sponsorship check-list and a Draft proposal to help you get started.

N.B: OMX will be contacting most of the companies listed in the Southern Europe/Spain sections over the next few weeks to gauge their interest. We will report back here on the results of these conversations. If you contact any of the companies on the list it would be helpful to everyone if you contribute a short note about how you got on.

Industry sectors that might be interested in sponsorship[]

  1. Renewable energy companies (wind, solar, geothermal, hydro-electric)
  2. Battery brands (Energizer, Varta, Duracell)
  3. Financial services (particularly those with green concerns and wanting to attract young people)
  4. Insurance companies (especially those offering moto insurance)
  5. Mobile phone companies (...batteries, speed, re-charging, young people)
  6. Sports drinks (Red Bull, Coca-Cola Zero)
  7. Low alcohol beer brands (Cobra Zero)
  8. "Green" brands (Ecover)
  9. Existing MotoGP sponsors wanting to add to their portfolio of moto sponorship
  10. Existing F1 sponsors wanting to do something more positive for the environment