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So you have your communications infrastructure in place, you have a media pack and a media diary. What next?

Desk research[]

Existing contacts[]



Sponsorship proposals[]

Mass media coverage of TTXGP is going to be relatively small - remember some of the races will be run during the football world-cup, there is a full MotoGP season going on and journalists are going to be interested in writing about the "big issues". TTXGP is still a niche story albeit one with a lot of potential angles.

Because sponsors of TTXGP teams will not get the mass media coverage that is offered by MotoGP, NASCAR or F1 it is important that you offer more than the possibility of getting a small article in a specialist motorcycle magazine or a small notice in a sports page.

Be creative. What can you do to support your sponsor? Can you display your motorcycle in the reception area at their HQ? Can their employees get free tickets to TTXGP races? Can you offer some sort of hospitality or privileged access to your team at the race? Can you run a competition to design the team t-shirts or design a new bike? How about taking your bike to supermarkets where their product is being promoted? Will your bike be shown off at motorcycle shows? Everything you do should make it easy for sponsors to see the added value associated with sponsoring your team. If you are in doubt tell them that you want to support their sales and promotions. Ask them what you can do.