Johnny automatic skew gear

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We have a choice: Build or Buy.

Building is more risky and depends on finding the right people.

Buying is probably the most practical option for 2011.


Weight, Dimensions


Possible suppliers include:

Though it should be noted that while these companies have great expertise in building racing frames for IC engines none of them have any experience with high powered electric bikes.

Controls Edit

  • Open-BLDC are developing an Open Source BrushLess DC Motor Controller.
  • Open ReVolt is a modular Open Source PWM series-wound DC motor controller
  • Tumanako is an Open Source AC vehicle control and battery management (charger) system

proprietary controllers Edit

  • Cafe Electric LLC make the Zilla series of motor controllers. However they are currently (summer 2010) in haitus pending a legal problem.

Chargers Edit


Agni 95 motors powered the winner of the 2009 race. Brushed makes them less desireable

Protean Electric make a "106hp" in-wheel motor for 18" rims that might be adapted for use on a race bike. But huge increase in unsprung weight probably rules them out.

Golden Motor make a range of motors including the 10kw BLDC high-power water cooled HPM-10K

payoAccumulator (battery) + charge managementEdit


  • Battery University excellent resource on battery technology and techniques for preserving battery life and charge.
  • m Power UK has a good background to the technology.
  • Fun with Lithium Blog, explains some of the challenges associated with Li-Ion powered motorcycles


see also: Potential sponsors:Battery brands page.


Rechargeable Lithium Power, USA



Hossack Design is a light weight front suspension that might be idea for an electric bike

Bitubo make innovative, light weight racing dampers.


Wheels and TyresEdit

Revolution Cycle Manufacturing make carbon fiber wheels for bikes

See also: in-wheel motor


Craig Vetter, famous streamliner and author of the TTXGP streamlining rules, sells the Rifle full fairing kit and suggests use in TTXGP

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