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We have a choice: Build or Buy.

Building is more risky and depends on finding the right people.

Buying is probably the most practical option for 2011.


Weight, Dimensions


Possible suppliers include:

Though it should be noted that while these companies have great expertise in building racing frames for IC engines none of them have any experience with high powered electric bikes.


  • Open-BLDC are developing an Open Source BrushLess DC Motor Controller.
  • Open ReVolt is a modular Open Source PWM series-wound DC motor controller
  • Tumanako is an Open Source AC vehicle control and battery management (charger) system

proprietary controllers[]

  • Cafe Electric LLC make the Zilla series of motor controllers. However they are currently (summer 2010) in haitus pending a legal problem.



Agni 95 motors powered the winner of the 2009 race. Brushed makes them less desireable

Protean Electric make a "106hp" in-wheel motor for 18" rims that might be adapted for use on a race bike. But huge increase in unsprung weight probably rules them out.

Golden Motor make a range of motors including the 10kw BLDC high-power water cooled HPM-10K

payoAccumulator (battery) + charge management[]


  • Battery University excellent resource on battery technology and techniques for preserving battery life and charge.
  • m Power UK has a good background to the technology.
  • Fun with Lithium Blog, explains some of the challenges associated with Li-Ion powered motorcycles


see also: Potential sponsors:Battery brands page.


Rechargeable Lithium Power, USA



Hossack Design is a light weight front suspension that might be idea for an electric bike

Bitubo make innovative, light weight racing dampers.


Wheels and Tyres[]

Revolution Cycle Manufacturing make carbon fiber wheels for bikes

See also: in-wheel motor


Craig Vetter, famous streamliner and author of the TTXGP streamlining rules, sells the Rifle full fairing kit and suggests use in TTXGP